About Me

I help people grow their businesses online by creating marketing strategies that attract the right audience and get them to act.

My Vision

My Mission

I'm Alfredo Tejeda

With over ten years of experience in web design, marketing, and lead generation, I know what it takes to grow your business!

I’ve worked with large companies like Bank of America and Merril Lynch to salons to SaaS to e-commerce. 

Tejeda Design Co. allows you to lean on my experience and the vast knowledge of the Tejeda Co. team to scale and reach your goals.

The Process

My process

It is essential to start your marketing efforts with a solid marketing strategy. I’ll help you form an effective marketing strategy so every dollar you spend comes right back at you and more.

  • 1

    Understand the "Customer"

  • 2

    Market & Competition Analysis

  • 3

    Goals & Budgets

  • 4

    Define Strategy

  • 5

    Create & Implement

  • 6

    Analyze & Refine


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