Website Store for Supplement Brand

Client: Nilo Organics

Project focus: Branding, Identity, Website, Strategy & Advertising

Project Overview

Nilo Organics is a start-up brand selling CBD-infused products. They were looking to showcase their products and build a community around their mission, health, and wellness.

  • Timeline: 3 months
  • Tools: Sketch, WordPress, Facebook Ads, Mailchimp

The Problem

As a start-up, Nilo Organics had zero branding, from logo to brand strategy to copywriting; we needed to create these elements from the ground up. 

Our goal was to create a seamless shopping experience for customers while communicating Nilo Organics’ mission and values. We also knew that potential prospects needed CBD education, and this was an opportunity to position Nilo Organic as an authority. We wanted to include this information not only as a separate section on the site but in the product pages as well.


How we helped Nilo Organics grow.

An e-commerce website designed to convert.

We created an identity with colors that capture the mood of using the product—a simple home-grown theme with a sense of calm. The shopping experience is simple and easy to navigate. From finding the products to checking out, a custom experience that keeps the critical actions simple.

Each product has its landing page. All benefits, product info, and ingredient information are accompanied by practical design and imagery.

We warmed up leads with an automated email campaign.

Nilo Organics started collecting leads and customers right away. With a 20% coupon, we collected leads and led them down an email campaign. We offered product information, educational content, and testimonials.

We designed a beautiful product label.

Nilo’s product labels have a cohesive look with a simple design. The colors easily differentiate the products and help create a sense of calm.

We encouraged reviews from customers.

We already knew reviews help foster more sales. So, we installed a review smart system that encouraged customers to leave a review. Ten days after every purchase, it sends an email kindly asking the customer to review the product.

Nilo Organics is very active on social media. We made sure the website reflected that by showcasing the stories and posts from Nilo customers.

A shipping package that wants to be shared.

Nilo’s shipping packages were another opportunity to promote the brand and encourage customers to post their packages on social media. We created special logo marks, slogans and put them on bags, mugs, and water bottles. The results were fantastic.

An instagram giveaway campaign that built awareness.

We created a giveaway campaign on instagram to generate interest and gain more followers for Nilo Organics. It turned out to be a huge success. Nilo Organics collaborated with Little Homestead Farm’s organic soaps. This helped build awareness with both followings.

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